Guide to the Fiance K1 Visa

Fiance Visa - Insider secrets to the fiance k1 visa with real visa questions normally availalbe only from an immigration attorney



Visa information for Thai ladies immigrating to the U.S.
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Direct from the American embassy in Bangkok, actual questions from the fiancee visa intervw

U.S. Embassy in Bangkok

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Available for the first time, an insider's guide to the fiance (K1) visa. Over 60 actual questions asked by embassy personnel of Thai ladies applying for fiancee visas. In English and Thai. Invaluable tips on avoiding red flags and trick questions that may result in denial of visa. Data previously available only by hiring expensive immigration lawyers. Priceless information for those attempting to navigate the visa process and get their fiance to the U.S.

Guide to the Fiance Visa
Guide to the Fiance Visa

After years in the business of translating and proof reading visa applications, and seeing the successes and failures , the author has put pen to paper to bring to the public this valuable guide on the fiancee visa interview process.

The information in the guide is normally available only by spending thousands of dollars on an immigration lawyer, and even many of them don't have as extensive a list of actual questions asked during the fiance visa interview.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is in The Guide?

A: The Guide contains an overview of the fiance visa process, and most important of all, over 60 actual questions asked by embassy personnel for the fiancee visa.

Q: How did the author get access to this information?

A: The author has operated a translation business for years and routinely performs translations and proof reading of visa applications and correspondence related to obtaining fiance (K1) visas. Priceless information was gleaned on the factors that affect the granting or denial of visas.

Q: Is the information in The Guide private or confidential?

A: No, but it is closely guarded by immigration lawyers in order that they can charge thousands of dollars for visa and immigration assistance.

Q: How were the fiance visa questions obtained?

A: The questions were obtained from ladies after they completed the fiancee visa process.

Q: Why is The Guide available in both Thai and English?

A: Because it is critical that the Thai lady understand the questions she will be asked and how she should prepare in order to have the best chances of passing.

Q: I have heard that sometimes the lady will be asked trick questions. Does The Guide contain hints or information on this?

A: Yes, and more. The Guide also contains information regarding certain questions that are not trick questions at all, but are potentially troublesome. For example, do you know that how the lady answers the question "Where do you live?" can lead to a difficult line of questioning and possible denial of the visa. Understanding why requires some background on Thai culture and The Guide explains this.

Q: What about immigrating to countries other than the U.S.?

A: The Guide is useful also for Thai fiancees who are immigrating to the U.K. and Australia. Many of the same types of questions are asked of the ladies, and many of the same items are red flags to the personnel at the embassies of those countries.

Q: Does The Guide provide legal advice regarding visas?

A: No legal advice is given. Only actual questions asked of the ladies and examples of answers that were accepted.

Q: What format is The Guide?

A: The Guide is delivered by email as a PDF file. You will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe to read The Guide. Go to to download the free reader.

Q: Is The Guide useful in obtaining other types of visas?

A: The Guide is focused on fiances visas. So those people from Thailand applying for tourist visas or business visas will not benefit from its contents.

Q: What else do I need to complete the fiance visa process?

A: Thoroughly read all of the information from the American embassy in Bangkok (link above left). Use The Guide to supplement the information the embassy provides since they will give you no clues about what questions will be asked. With the embassy instructions and The Guide, if you are a confident do-it-yourselfer and persistent, then you have good chance of success. You might need translation assistance to get the forms completed properly - click on the link above left for translation services.

Q: So what are my chances?

A: Many factors affect your chances of success in obtaining a fiance K1 visa for your Thai lady. Try our visa evaluator for an esimate of your chances (link above left).